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Parent Advisory Council

What is a PAC?

These materials have been reprinted from the Leadership Manual 2004 published by the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils.

No part of this manual may be reproduced for commercial purposes. © 2004 BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils

Advisory Role Under the School Act

Under the School Act, PACs and DPACs have an advisory role in schools and districts:

Activities of PACs and DPACs to Support Their Advisory Role

Comprehensive List of PAC and DPAC Purposes

Following is a list of purposes of PACs and DPACs, reflecting the full range of activities PACs and DPACs are typically involved in. This list is not necessarily in order of priority. Through discussion, councils will decide for themselves which purposes are most important to them. This list is often used as a starting point for developing a PAC or DPAC constitution or mission statement.

Purposes of PACs

Purposes of DPACs

Thank you to the Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils for this material.