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VSB Facilities Meeting remarks

Remarks from the Point Grey PAC to the VSB Facilites Committe on March 13, 2019 on the VSB draft Long Range Facilites Plan

VSB Career Programs

VSB Career Programs 


If you’re considering a career path in the skilled trades, technology, fashion design, or health care, VSB Career Programs are the way to go!  They offer training programs you can complete during grade 12 at either VCC, BCIT, the Piping Industry College, or a VSB school.  Here are a few key points to consider.  By considering these opportunities now in Grade 10, you will be able to prepare and plan better for your Gr. 11 and 12 years: 

  • You’ll earn both high school and post-secondary credit at the same time 
  • Your tuition is paid by the VSB for these programs 
  • You could start a paid apprenticeship while earning credits toward graduation 
  • Some programs are full-time at VCC or BCIT, while others are split between Point Grey and another VSB school 
  • All of these programs lead to graduation and a post-secondary credential 


Now is the time to start thinking about this opportunity! These career options are the kind that have grown during the pandemic and offer economic stability and plenty of job opportunities. 


These programs can only be funded during your grade 12 year. Application deadlines are in December and March of your grade 11 year. You are encouraged, however, to apply in grade 10. For more information, contact Mr. Cordoni and visit https://www.vsb.bc.ca/site/Career-Programs/programs/Pages/default.aspx



VSB 2020 Long Range Facilities Plan

Please find attached the draft of the VSB's 2020 Long Range Facilities Plan by the Facilities Planning Committee as of January 13, 2021.

SACY Vaping 101 Information for Parents and Caregivers

Point Grey PAC Constitution

Please find attached a copy of the up-to-date PG PAC Constitution and Bylaws.

Point Grey LRFP Town Hall with Carmen Cho

Attached are the meeting notes from the Town Hall with the Point Grey Secondary Trustee Liason, Carmen Cho.

PG Online Expectations

PG Code of Conduct

HOUNDS, the Point Grey Code of Conduct, outlines the rights and responsibilities of all members of the Point Grey Community in order to ensure a safe, productive and respectful learning environment.  The Code of Conduct applies while at school, at all school-related activies or in other circumstances where engaging in the activity will have an impact on the school.

Online mentorship program for high school students

Finding the career field that interests you is quite difficult. As students, we rarely get the chance to dive deep into what each job has to offer. The Youth Career Mentorship provides participants with the opportunity to speak with and ask questions to a workforce professional in a field of their choosing. This enables students to seek valuable career and school advice as well as gain a better understanding of the jobs that interest them.

Please contact Gordon Cheung gordonhwc1@gmail.com if interested.

Legalization of Cannabis Factsheet for Parents

Some important information for parents and care-givers. Don't miss our February 20, 2019 PAC meeting to hear more discussion on this topic. Guest speaker: Art Steinmann, Manager, Substance Use Heath Promotion and SACY VSB

Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre

Located at Children’s Hospital, this resource provides a broad range of information and services for young people and families.  Their website provides a comprehensive array of helpful details, and they publish electronically a monthly newsl


Keep Your Child Safe On-line

This document contains strategies on how to keep your child safer while online. It contains information geared towards 10-12 year old internet users but some of the information is relevant for all ages.

Health Canada Talking With Your Teen About Vaping


Free support for families who have children struggling with their mental health


E-Cigarettes & Young People - Know the Risks

COVID-19 Cases in Vancouver Schools

Vancouver Coastal Health has a page on the process they use to report cases in schools.  Here's the link to see reported cases in the VCH region schools.


Children and COVID-19 Anxiety

Dr. Erk Swartz--Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics at UBC and Head, Department of Pediatrics at Vancouver Coastal Health/Providence Health Care--talks about children and COVID-19 anxiety during the back to school season in this video.