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2018-2019 Direct Donation Campaign

Point Grey Secondary School is a highly regarded school, committed to supporting and teaching a diverse group of students to learn, to critically reflect, and to care for themselves and others as they prepare to find their place in the world.

With ongoing provincial education funding cuts, the need for direct funding from families and our community is a crucial and growing trend. We are seeking to raise $25,000 t his year t o cover some o f our basic budgetary demands and enrichment programs that allows the teachers and staff at Point Grey Secondary to achieve their mission to help, educate and support our children for a bright future.

Every year the PG PAC asks members of the school community to submit applications for funds they would like to receive towards their program to further benefit the students. Last year the r e- quests for 2018 came to over $ 42,000 . Point Grey received approximately $21,000 from the gaming grant (these funds can only be used for non - curricular items ), and those funds were completely utilized. We also used general PAC funds available from our fundraising initiatives to fulfill the requests of teachers.


We are seeking to raise $25,000 to cover the funding requests of the faculty and staff at Point Grey Secondary School. Ideally we would like to raise more to put some monies aside for fut ure years ’ funding requests ; however, we know our gaming grant allotment will be lower this year . Direct Donation is fully tax deductible*, giving you the power to fund programs identified by the Point Grey PAC (Parent Advisory Council) which is 100% volunteer run. Our Funding allocation from last year is broken down on the following page to give you an idea of where the money goes.

We are also looking for volunteers to help with new initiatives: a website overhaul, a safe route school initiative & improved communications with parents. Please email info@pointgreyparents.org for more information or to lend a hand!

We thank you in advance for your generous support!

致敬全校家长 有关 2018 - 20 19 年度筹款活动

亲爱的 PG 家长们 :

首先感谢你们 对 我们 PG 家委会 筹款活动 的 一路支持 !

在 2017 开学季, 家长们 积极响应家委会的呼吁,已为学校捐款达 $8000 。我们家委会代 表全校师生感谢所有捐款的家长们的 大力支持和慷慨解囊!在来临的 2018 年 , 希望我们共同 继续努力 。

在此 , 家委会将 2018 - 20 19 年度对于善款的分配使用方案与计划 , 概括汇报如下 :

家委会 代表们 会 严格审查 PG 学校的各 团体 负责人 提交的拨款申请 , 清楚了解和讨论每 个申请的项目对学生的帮助 , 已达到最佳资源配置 ; 现已完成分配方案为:艺术类项目, $ 3024 ; 科学类, $990 ;数学类, $ 1000 ; 生活体验 类 , $300 ;体育类, $5000 ;音乐类, $6000 ; 八年级 新生夏令营, $5000 ;学生俱乐部, $650 ; Mini School , $2000 ;家委会服务奖, $1000 ;学生领袖项目, $300 ; SPED , $300 ;图 书馆, $ 4000 。

所需资金 共 超过 $42,000, 除去学校账户内现存 储蓄 资金 , 我们尚有 $11,000 资金缺口! 所以 , 家委会计划于 2 018 - 20 19 年度筹集资金 $25,000 !除了填充已知的 PG 项目资金缺 口, 并为接下来的学年度筹备 储蓄 资金。

Point Grey PAC ( 家委会 )是 完全的义工组织 , 由几位在校学生的家长们 义务奉献出时间 、 精 力 和智慧 , 组织活动和筹集善款 , 全部用于全校师生和学校的环境与文化建设 。 “育人为本,德育为先”,学校的师资与文化对于孩子的成长至关重要,在政府对公校资 金拨款萎缩的政治环境下,全校家长们应助学校一臂之力,让我们的孩子能在丰富的德智体美 劳全面发展的教育环境内更好的成长。

PG 家委会再次诚挚的代表全校师生感谢家长们的解囊相助 。 如需了解 PG 家委会更多详情 , 请参考网站 pointgreyparents.org ,或通过电子邮件联络 info@pointgreyparents.org

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