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Winter Appeal

Dear PG Parent/Guardian,
At the beginning of this school year we sent out a letter outlining the priorities of the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and the jobs that we do. In an effort to keep you informed of activities and events at
Point Grey, we use the bi-weekly PG Newsletter, our monthly meetings, our website and the occasional email blast from the school.

One of the top priorities of PAC is to fundraise for the school to ensure the learning needs of all students are met and learning tools, activities, and field trips are properly funded. To do this, we disperse all monies raised by the PAC to the Point Grey teachers, administration and student clubs. Part of the funding we receive and rely on is the annual grant from the BC Gaming Funds, which unfortunately has gone down considerably this year by about $3000 and we anticipate it going down even further next year.

We appreciate the generosity of all the families that have donated to the Point Grey Secondary School PAC. Thanks to your contributions, we the PAC, have had great success in fundraising so far this year. However,
in order to ensure that we are able to continue to support our students and staff at higher levels, we need to continue fundraising.

Our balance of funds available in our financials are not as high as we’d like, and we request your generosity by donating to the PAC in order for us to continue helping our school.

This year we have been asked to organize funding for computers for the school (which are out of date), tools for Technical Skills, and books and magazines for the library. The PAC would also like to bring in special speakers for the students to build life skills and set strong foundations for their future.

We are kindly asking for your support for our Winter Fundraiser. If you have not yet given to the PAC or have the means to donate more, please consider doing so.

Thank you in advance to all the families and please help us reach our $10,000 goal!!

Suzi Noetzel & Nikki Penner-Horodyski
Your Point Grey PAC Co-Chairs

P.S. All parents/guardians of students at Point Grey Secondary are automatically members of our PAC and are invited to attend our meetings, it is with your help that we can strengthen learning and enrichment at Point Grey Secondary.

Winter Appeal

集的所有款项分给學校的教师、⾏政及学⽣会。 我们获得的部分资⾦来⾃卑诗省博彩基⾦的年度拨
我们感谢各位家長向Point Grey中学家委會的捐款及贡献,到⽬前为⽌在筹款⽅⾯取得了巨⼤的成
功。 但为了确保我们能够继续⽀持学⽣,我们需要继续筹款,以便我们继续帮助学校。
今年,我们希望更換学校的舊电脑、增加图书馆的书籍及其他籌集资⾦。 我们恳请⼤家⽀持我们的
筹款活动。我们的⽬标是筹集10,000元。 如果每个家庭都给他们所能负担的, 我们会超过这个⽬标,
Point Grey家長咨詢會敬啓

Gift Card Order Form

Buy a gift card - support the PAC! 
Next deadline: Drop off in school office by 1/21 10am and you can pick them on on 1/30

Not just for gift giving!  Send a Subway, Tim Hortons, Starbucks or White Spot card to school with your child for lunch.  Do you shop at Choices? Safeway? Stong’s? If you purchase a gift card from us for your shopping, the PAC will get 4, 5 or even 7% of the value of your gift card. The PAC then puts the money back into projects and activities in the school that benefit our kids!

How does this magical fundraiser work? You’ll download an order form, choose what gift cards you’d like, tally it up and send the form with a cheque made out to Point Grey PAC into school with your child.  They drop it at the office, we order the gift cards and deliver them to you in about a week!

There are too many retailers to name, but some of those that are participating include London Drugs, Shell, Choices Market, Amazon.ca, Save-on-Foods, T&T Supermarkets, Tim Hortons, Starbucks and The Bay.

You’ll notice a percentage on the order sheet, that’s the percentage of the gift card that will go to the PAC – for example a $100 Choices gift card will raise 7% for the school or  $7 or a $50 gift card to Starbucks will raise $2.50 for the school. It doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up.  So why not pay for that coffee with a gift card purchased through the PAC.

Questions: info@pointgreyparents.org


 买礼品卡- 支持PAC!

 买礼品卡支持PAC_! _

寻找一份完美的节日礼物?礼品卡总是最好的選擇如果您从我们这里购买礼品卡,PAC将获得礼品卡价值的4%、5%或7%的回饋。然后,PAC将该资金交给学校以支持有關活动,使我们的孩子受益! _

该活动是每個月進行的,第一次訂購截止日期為121日上午10時。礼品卡将于130日当天放學後孩子到辦公室找Ms Signe 領取(孩子凭學生証领卡)

如何参加该筹款活动?您可下载一份订单,寫上孩子名字及學生號碼,选择您想要的礼品卡,将填好的表格及支票抬頭"Point Grey PAC", _讓您的孩子帶回校並把它放在办公室。

另外,您会注意到订单上的店鋪及回饋給PG Pac的百分比,它看起來好像并不多,但積少成多,集腋成裘,這是一個雙贏的方案,既可幫到學校而您又沒有損失,何樂而不為呢!感謝各家長的支持! _

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