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Parent Advisory Council


2019-20 Fundraising Appeal - in English

Dear PG Parent/Guardian,

Welcome to Point Grey Secondary! Whether this is your first or fifth year at Point Grey (or maybe more for some families) we hope you find your child’s time at Point Grey Secondary as rewarding as our children have. All parents/guardians are automatically members of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). We host monthly meetings with speakers; the Grade 8 Parents dinner; Dumpling Night; and a New Years Lion Dance to name a few activities. We also put out the bi-weekly PG Newsletter to keep parents informed about what is happening at our school and in our community.

We’re not just a social/fundraising PAC, we monitor what is happening at the Vancouver School Board (VSB) and the Ministry of Education (MoE) that may impact our children’s education and try to keep our community informed and proactive.

Finally, we fundraise. We raise money to support our library, our teachers and our kid’s clubs & activities. As the school budget gets tighter and tighter, there is less to funding for the arts, music, sports, math challenges, as well as those important extra-curricular activities that enrich and challenge our kids. In the past we’ve supported projects ranging from the library to sports to life skills to internet safety. Our goal this autumn is to raise $10,000- $15,000 through this campaign. If each family were to give what they can afford, we would exceed this goal, please give generously.

Save the Date:

  • September 19 – 6pm, before school walkabout – come meet the PAC Executive – staff room
  • Tues, Oct 22 – 6:30pm – PAC Meeting followed by Options Educational Consultants (post-secondary focus)
  • Wed Nov 20, 7pm- PAC Meeting followed by a conversation with the new Principal
  • Wed Jan 22, 7pm – PAC Meeting followed by Dr. Edward Zhang (post-secondary focus)
  • Jan 31 (students only) Lion Dance
  • Fri Feb 7 – Dumpling Night –everyone welcome!
  • Wed Feb 19 – 7pm PAC Meeting – speaker TBA
  • Wed April 22 – 7pm PAC Meeting followed by Jessy Giammairno, Brain Boost Education – test stress and anxiety
  • Wed May 20 – 7pm – PAC AGM

2019-20 Fundraising Appeal - in Chinese


欢迎来 Point Grey 中学! 无论这是你在 Point Grey 的第一年或第五年(或者对某些家庭来说可能更多), 我们希望 您发现你的孩子在 Point Grey 中学的时间和我们的孩子一样有回报。所有家长/监护人自动成为家长咨询理事 会 (PAC) 的成员。 我们每月會举行例會及講座,包括八年级家长晚餐丶饺子宴和新年舞狮表演,及一些例會 活动。 我们还推出双周 PG 通讯, 让家长了解我们学校和社区发生的事情。

我们不仅是一个 PAC 的筹款, 我们還监控温哥华学校委员会 (VSB)和教育部(MOE)正在发生的事情, 这些可能 影响我们孩子的教育, 并努力让我们的社区了解情况和积极主动。 最后, 我们希望筹集资金来支持我们的图书馆、老师和孩子俱乐部及活动。随着学校预算越来越紧, 用于艺术、 音乐、体育、数学挑战以及那些丰富和挑战我们孩子的重要课外活动的资金越来越少。

过去, 我们支持的项目 从图书馆到体育,从生活技能到互联网安全。 我们今年秋天的目标是筹集 10,000 至 15,000 元。 如果每个家庭 都给他们所能负担的, 我们会超过这个目标, 请大家慷慨解囊。


  • 9 月 19 日下午 6 点,学校 Walkabout – 在教員室與 PAC 委員見面
  • 10 月 22 日星期二下午 6:30 – PAC 会议后, 选择教育顾问 (中学后重点)
  • 11 月 20 日星期三晚上 7 点 - PAC 会议, 随后与新校长交谈
  • 1 月 22 日星期三晚上 7 点 – PAC 会议,随后有张博士的講座 (中学后焦点)
  • 1 月 31 日(学生专用) 舞狮表演
  • 2 月 7 日星期五晚上 ~ 饺子宴 – 欢迎全家一起參加
  • 2 月 19 日星期三晚上 7 点 PAC 会议 – 演讲者 遲一些公佈
  • 4 月 22 日星期三晚上 7 点 PAC 会议, 然后是 Jessy Giammairno 脑增强教育 – 測試压力和焦虑
  • 5 月 20 日星期三 ~ 晚上 7 点 PAC 會議