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Point Grey Gift Card Fundraising Event - just in t

Please consider purchasing gift cards from our wide selection listed on the attached order form. The Point Grey PAC receives a percentage of the value of each card purchased. These accumulated funds help us support Point Grey Secondary school and student initiatives.

There are 2 ways to order and pay: 

1) Complete the order form, accompanied with a cheque payable to Point Grey Secondary PAC, and have your student drop them off at the school office by December 6th.

2) Complete the order form and pay by e-transfer to info@pointgreyparents.org, email a copy of the order form to the same address by December 6th. Please ensure the student's name is on both the order form and the e-transfer. In the memo line of the e-transfer please put [Student's name] gift card order.

Order by December 6th and your cards will be available for pick up in the office on December 15th.

Thank you for supporting PG PAC!



PAC Direct Appeal

As a PAC, one of our goals is to offer financial assistance to our school community in ways that support our students and enhance their experiences at Point Grey. We have two main
streams of funding:
• The Community Gaming Grant, which is offered by the provincial government and is based on
student enrolment at a rate of $20 per student; and
• Our own fundraising activities.

Over the past several years, with declining enrolment, the monies received through the Community Gaming Grant have fallen, leaving us with less money to support our school and students. Also, this
grant is restricted in its use; thus, we rely on fundraising to meet other needs. Through the generosity of Point Grey families during the 2022 - 2023 school year, we have been able to provide
funds as requested by school staff and students. Some examples include:
• Contributing $8,000 for new school computers,
• Funding 2 scholarships for 2 graduating students (recipients are selected by staff),
• Subsidising the cost of various field trips and music trips,
• Helping the library purchase books and furniture,
• Subsidising the costs associated with math contests,
• Assisting various student clubs including the Philosophy, Ultimate, and K-Pop Clubs,
• Helping the PE / sports department with fees and equipment,
• Contributing $6,000 for grade 8 camp, and
• Helping fund Lunar New Year celebrations that included a Lion Dance.

In addition, we hope to continue building a reserve for the Art department as they require expensive equipment in the longer term, and the school’s computer labs require more upgrades to meet curricular needs. For these reasons, we are asking you to consider making a tax-deductible financial donation to the Point Grey PAC. Money received will benefit all of our students and staff in their daily experiences at Point Grey.

PAC Donation Drive

作为PAC,我们的目标之一是向我们的学校社区提供财政援助,以支持我们的学生并增强他们在Point Grey的体验。我们有两个主要的资金流:
在过去的几年里,随着入学率的下降,通过社区游戏补助金获得的资金下降了,这让我们用于支持学校和学生的资金减少了。此外,这笔赠款的使用受到限制;因此,我们依靠筹款来满足其他需求。通过Point Grey家庭在2022-2023学年的慷慨解囊,我们能够按照学校教职员工和学生的要求提供资金。一些例子包括:
此外,我们希望继续为艺术部门建立储备,因为从长远来看,他们需要昂贵的设备,而学校的计算机实验室需要更多的升级来满足课程需求。出于这些原因,我们要求您考虑向Point Grey PAC提供可免税的财政捐款。收到的钱将使我们所有的学生和教职员工在Point Grey的日常体验中受益。

Grad Holiday Fundraiser -- Support PG grads!

All proceeds go toward making Grad affordable for all OUR Point Grey Grad Students. These are quality evergreen wreaths from Vancouver Island, poinsettias, and candles from Canvas Candle Co. make excellent gifts or décor for your own home.

Please note deadlines:  Wreaths Nov 3, Poinsettias Nov 15, Candles Nov 24

Point Grey 中学毕业生 2024 年假期筹款活动


所有收益都将用于使所有OUR Point Grey研究生都能负担得起研究生。这些是来自温哥华岛的优质常绿花环
,一品红和Canvas Candle Co.的蜡烛,是您自己家的绝佳礼物或装饰品。

最后 期限:
花圈 十一月 3
一品红 十一月 15
蜡烛 十一月 24