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Grad Fundraiser

Hello Everyone!       

The Poinsettia Fundraiser is back.  It is the main fundraising event for the Grad 2022 celebrations.

This year we have Poinsettias and Candles available for purchase to bring colour and light to the coming festive season.  (Because of supply challenges, the nursery is not able to provide wreaths this year) 

It is greatly appreciated if you could take the time over the next few days to promote orders from family & friends as well as for yourself.  Please also consider purchasing plants for your workplace and asking co-workers for their support.  The attached order form may be printed as many times as you require!

Orders must be returned to the school office or by email no later than Wednesday, November 10th, 2021.  Cash, cheque  (made payable to Point Grey) or e-transfer are all accepted.  Pick up of items is scheduled for December 3rd, 2021 from 1:00pm - 6:00 pm in the school cafeteria.   Product, payment and pickup details can be found on the attached order form.

The Grads of 2022 sincerely thank you for your support!

2021 - 22 Direct Donation Campaign

We fundraise with the goal to support our students and staff with initiatives outside of VSB funding. As a PAC we are eligible to apply for annual gaming grant funds based on the projected enrollment (determined in June for the upcoming year).  With reduced gaming grant support due to lower enrolment, this impacts our funding for the arts, music, sports, math challenges, as well as those important extra-curricular activities that enrich our children’s high school experience.

Every year we work with our school community to learn where funding would be most helpful.  These are some areas that we have supported, and that we hope to continue to do so:


teachers wish list



sporting events

life skills

internet safety


Our goal this year is to raise $15,000 to $20,000. Every little bit helps, and we appreciate it if you give what you can; you will receive a tax receipt for all donations over $20. With your help we can support most needed initiatives and enrichment for our children at Point Grey Secondary. 

Please see attached form to donate.  We thank you in advance for your generosity!

2021-22 家长委员会筹款活动




技术/科技                         教师愿望清单                   俱乐部                     各类学生活动

体育活动                          生活技能                          网络安全                 图书馆

我们今年的目标是筹集15,000至20,000元。一点一滴的帮助都是可贵的,对于您的支持,我们不胜感激。对于所有超过 20元的捐款,您都将可以收到税收收据。在您的帮助下,我们可以为 Point Grey 中学的孩子们提供更丰富充实的教学环境。

Gift Card Fundraiser

No need to worry about size or colour, a gift card fits every time for families, teachers, and friends! It’s pretty easy! You order a gift card from the PAC and we receive a percentage of the value of the card to help with student events. You’d be surprised at the number of options, it’s an easy way to support the PAC. 

Fill out the form, have your child drop it in the office before the deadline along with a cheque made out to Point Grey Secondary PAC. OR if you would like to pay by e-transfer, please send the e-transfer to info@pointgreyparents.org and email with the order form to the same account - make sure the student name is on both the form and e-transfer so we can match order & payment. On the e-transfer - please put" [Student name] gift card order” in the memo line.

礼品卡 - 完美的节日礼物!

无需担心尺寸或颜色,礼品卡总是最适合。非常简单!您从 PAC 订购礼品卡,我们会收到卡价值的一定比例。您会对礼品卡的众多选项感到惊讶,这是支持 PAC 的一种简单方法。请访问我们的网站下载 PDF 礼品卡订购表。 

填写表格,让您的孩子在截止日期前把它连同一张支票交给 Point Grey Secondary PAC。或者,如果您想通过电子转帐付款,请将电子转帐发送至 info@pointgreyparents.org 并将订购单通过电子邮件发送到同一帐户 - 确保学生姓名同时出现在表格和电子转帐上,以便我们可以匹配订单和付款。在电子转帐上 - 请在备注行中输入“[学生姓名] gift card order”。

我们的订单截止日期是 11 月 29 日星期一上午 10 点,12 月 8 日星期三送达,当天结束前请从学校办公室取货。