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Candle Fundraiser for Grad 2021

CANDLE FUNDRAISER FOR GRAD 2021 is back by popular demand!

Buy your lovely "made in BC -  Evergreen scented candles" with or without a Point a grey logo. The perfect hostess, birthday or graduation gift!

Please complete order form and submit payment by February 27. You will be notified when and where to pick up your order by March 12.


Spread the word!  Send the link to your family and friends as well! 


Questions? Contact the Parent Grad Committee at grad@pointgreyparents.org

Student Reflection Assignment

Please find attached an outline and schedule of upcoming self-reflection assignments that all grade 8 and 9 students are expected to complete.  Every two weeks, a new assignment will be posted in MS Teams for students to complete.  The first assignment is now live and is based on the Communication competency.  Students are encouraged to engage in conversations with their peers, teachers and parents when working through these assignments.

PG Grad Purdy's Chocolatier Fundraiser

It’s back!! The tastiest fundraiser of the year – buy chocolates and support the Grads! You sell the chocolates to friends/family/teachers and the Grad Committee earns 25% on every order completed.

After you have signed in, you can buy the tasty treats, or invite friends/family/classmates to join and support your fundraising campaign.  Please sign-up here to create your page:


After you have created your own profile, you will see a “Send Invites” tab, where you have your own link to your personal fundraising page.  This will link your buyers to your page!   Your personal page will be connected to the “Point Grey Grad” Purdy’s Fundraising homepage and will track the orders on your page. 

If your friends want to give you the order directly, we’ve attached a catalog and an order sheet.  Your friends can pay you and you can create the online order, we suggest you order each person’s requests separately, if they are large orders.  Make sure you keep track of who has ordered what! 

Order deadline:        Monday, March 22, 2021 Order Pick-up:          Tuesday, March 30 – time TBD

Questions: please email to transfer@pointgreyparents.org

Grades 9 - 12 Quarter 3 (Feb 4 - Apr 23) Schedule

  • Your child still has 2 classes per quarter that rotate every week: an “in-person” class once per day and a “remote” class. 
  • These changes will affect the experience of the student during the “remote” class.
  • The in-person class experience will stay the same.
  • The “Remote” class will now require 3 interactions (called Interactive Learning Opportunities or ILOs) with the teacher and/or classmates per week
  • It is expected that your child attend these 3 sessions that will occur during “flex time.” 
  • These sessions may be:
    • face-to-face
    • online
    • a combination
    • Your child’s teachers will communicate how and when they will be doing this with your child at the beginning of the quarter on February 4th.

Updated COVID-19 Daily Health Assessment

The pdf link contains the latest communication from PG and updated COVID-19 Daily Health Assessment form.  The form aligns with the advice from the most recent (February 4, 2021) updates for schools from the BC Center for Disease Control and Ministry of Education.

Changes to Secondary Schedules beginning February 4

The following changes are being made to secondary school schedules, for Quarter 3 beginning February 4, 2021:


  • All grade 8 students will attend their remote class in person, twice per week, during Flex time
  • All schools will go to a one-week rotation of remote and in-person classes
  • All students will have three interactive learning opportunities per week for remote classes, with increased social interaction

For more information on the changes, please visit govsb.ca/secondary-schedule

Remote Learning Option during a Pandemic

Hello Point Grey Secondary PAC,

I represent a group of Option 4 students and families who have joined together to support each other at this time. At this time, there are currently 3,497 Option 4 elementary students in Vancouver. That is equivalent to 7 public schools worth of students. There is no standardization of learning for Option 4 - it is very different from school to school. And as there is limited communication with Option 4 students and families, we are working to provide a connection for those families. We provide a place to share resources, provide support on hard days, and share stories. Those of us who have joined have found it has made a big difference in our experience with Option 4, in that we have a connection with a community, which is important for everyone at this time. We have a group on Facebook, Option 4 Families of Vancouver SD#39, and a group on Slack. We have both locations in an effort to connect with as many families as possible.

So, why am I writing to a secondary school PAC regarding an elementary school group?The short answer is because we have expanded our focus. We have had a number or secondary school parents approach us to ask if we would represent them as well. They are families who would like to have the option for their children to learn remotely during the pandemic without losing their place at their secondary school. So, we have created a bigger ask for VSB - part of that being asking for a Remote Learning Option for both elementary and secondary school students.
On January 20,  we are expecting the COVID funding information and changes to Option 4 updates, as well as notification of changes to the Secondary School Schedule, at the Student Learning and Wellness Committee meeting. In anticipation of that, we put together some recommendations in a letter of what we would like to see from VSB to meet students' needs when there are likely to be disruptions to their in-person education, whether they are in Option 4 or not. We wrote this letter to promote the concept of remote learning for both elementary and secondary schools in Vancouver in the hopes of not losing our places at our schools. Option 4 is the only way the 3,497 Option 4 students in Vancouver can keep ourselves and our families safe during the pandemic and not lose our places at our schools.
This is the link to the letter we are circulating asking people to copy/paste, add to it, and send to education stakeholders (which we have listed at the end of the letter)
Thank you for your time and your consideration. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns or questions.
Kyenta Martins
Founder of Option 4 Families of Vancouver SD#39

COVID-19 Cases in Vancouver Schools

Vancouver Coastal Health has a page on the process they use to report cases in schools.  Please see the attached link.

Youth Empowering Youth Program

Registration for the next two Youth Empowering Youth (YEY) Program has opened with start dates on Monday, March 15th and Wednesday, April 7th. All youth between 13-18 are welcome to register for this free online-program and we hope you have some time to share this information with the youth you work with. If you would like to incorporate this program as part of your class or school program please contact me and we can discuss in more detail. Currently we have openings starting in April and May. More information about the program and how to register is included below and attached you will find a one-page information sheet on the YEY program.

Introduction of YEY Program  - A message from our co-founders Matthew and Lev
About the Program

YEY is a nine-session accelerated program, run by two trained Facilitators who are passionate about helping youth. The program is offered once a week for 90 minutes in an online class setting that encourages student participation. Each class shares a new principle which builds upon the previous principle; ultimately helping students take accountability for their thoughts, feelings and actions; thus, moving them into a place of confidence, security and self-assurance. Upon completion of this program, youth are offered an opportunity to take on a leadership role and co-facilitate future courses to help empower more youth within their school or community. YEY curriculum is a derivative from the Slight Edge Principles. The principles shared during this nine-week program are as follows:

Session 1 – Ripple Effect

Session 2 – Attitude Creates Your Life

Session 3 – The Moment You Stop Blaming, You Take Back your Power

Session 4 – Take Action! With Small Steps

Session 5 – Fail Forward to Success

Session 6 – Drive Your Life with Powerful Habits

Session 7 – Be a Student of Life

Session 8 – Momentum is your Responsibility

Session 9 – Graduation & Next Steps 

About the Organization

YEY is a program of Low Entropy, a registered Charity that is making personal growth accessible to all, and in doing so providing people with the tools to change themselves and the world. What’s unique about our program is that it has a template and a structure to foster growth and development in an intentional, adaptable, customizable, and scalable way. Change starts from within, and we see personal growth as a vehicle for global change. More information on Low Entropy and the Youth Empowering Youth program can be found at our website. Register for our newsletter at https://lowentropy.org/newsletter/


We inspire youth to be accountable for their own thoughts, feelings and actions; helping them become responsible citizens in this world. Our vision is to help all schools across the world create a culture that empowers, strengthens and develops leaders for the next generation.


To create a safe environment for youth to cultivate a sense of security, confidence and self-assurance within themselves.


We all have unique gifts and intrinsic value to offer to the world. Our program will serve as a catalyst to help youth explore their talents and contribute to the community in a powerful, positive and meaningful way.

After Graduation

Upon completion of this program, youth have the opportunity to take on a leadership role and co-facilitate future programs to help empower more peers! This is a unique pathway for youth to gain knowledge and apply what they have learned from the program in an engaging way to make an immediate impact. 


To register, please click the link, fill out the form and submit it to book a spot in our upcoming program. 

For more information contact Shawna Deagle, Community Liaison, at shawna@lowentropy.org or 604.314.6102

The SPRING Study-- COVID-19 in youth

The SPRING Study: Severe acute resPiratory syndrome-Related coronavirus 2 prevalence In children and youNG adults in British Columbia: an observational study

Researchers at the Vaccine Evaluation Center would like to find out how many children and young adults in BC may have been infected with  SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that was identified in December 2019 which causes the infectious disease known as COVID-19).  

Marpole Food Bank Volunteering Opportunity


Kerrisdale Oakridge Marpole Community Policing Centre seeks volunteers for their new Marpole Food Bank at St. Augustine's Church Hall at 8680 Hudson St, Vancouver, BC V6P 4M5  http://www.komcpc.ca

Wednesdays 10am – 12pm:   Separating the food 

Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm:       Bagging the food

Thursdays 10am – 12pm:       Distributing the bags from behind your own work table where you leave the bag for collection, preserving distancing. 

Distribution will be done with a limited number of people entering the building at a time. Volunteers will be provided with PPE (hand sanitizer, gloves & mask).
All participants who are collecting bags will use hand sanitizer before entering the building. Most participants also wear masks.
Volunteer Sign-up:
1. Click this link to SignUp.comhttps://signup.com/login/entry/467011763491322095
2. Enter your email address. (You will NOT need to register an account on SignUp.com)
3. Choose your spots - SignUp.com will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. 

Note: SignUp.com does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact Kate Molloy who can sign you up manually and can answer any questions you have. Contact Kate Molloy at 604 717 3434 or komcpc@shaw.ca to receive waiver forms for youths & adults, along with the KOMCPC COVID-19 Safety Plan. All volunteers must sign & return the forms before taking part.